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Consulting / Coaching Process and Pricing

Successful Consulting and Coaching depends on collaboration between equals – You, and I. This partnership of equals is solely focused on your business and your personal and professional development. I want to be focused on you and your businesses goals, and in obtaining these goals with a successful and profitable outcome.

A Relationship:

Consulting / Coaching is powerful because it is a relationship, so we stay in touch all week, week after week (with breaks when needed) That way, you remain mindful of your focus, keep your eye on your goals, and have the support, direction and sounding board throughout the week. This concentrated focus is one of the keys to your success.  I coach via telephone or skype sessions of 30 to 60 minuets:  email access, collaboration, and feedback: and Text or instant message: as well as emergency calls as well. I call this my combo sessions, and the pricing is done by the consulting  / Coaching Combo.

The Medium

I do of my consulting / coaching via phone / skype. 90% of all other organizations offering coaching and consulting is done by phone. My Combo price includes sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minuets, depending on your needs that have to fit your goals. I recommend longer sessions at least in the beginning and as there is usually more material to cover. As long as we can stay on task then less time would be needed in between calls. A shorter time is effective but its up to you and your organization.

The Package

My consulting / coaching Combo rates are $125.00 to $150.00 for 60 minuet sessions this sliding scale in dependent on the length of commitment needed to achieve your goal. Most clients take 3 or 4 sessions a month, four being most effective, I play this by ear, you don’t have to sign up for a specific frequency. Plus if budget is a concern then the amount of time used during the call can be shortened in order to reduce your monthly costs.

Consulting / Coaching

In each call we will discuss the goals achieved according to plan and what events or situations slowed you and the business down. We will then brainstorm and we’ll point out new perspectives that will create a more effective step towards realizing the ultimate goal. At the end of each session you will need to commit to action items that will continue to move forward. Week after week. Between sessions you will be accountable to me, which will help you stay focused and on track. You can do this via emails or text, etc. once or twice a week or even every day. I believe the more contact, the more mindfulness of your goals, the more progress you will see.

The Backing

I will read and respond to all your emails, texts, etc, and offer advice as well as encouragement, and will review any assessments you have done. Staying in touch though out the week will make the weekly session calls more effective, Its addition consulting though out the week that will bind us as a team during the calling session. Clients that stay in touch in between sessions usually have better results.

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