Author/Celebrity Chef
 P.O. Box 646, Claremont, Ca. 91711 •  phone/text: 951.544.2666  •  jorge@chefjorgebruce .com
Chef Jorge is an author of five cookbooks and has been offering his services to many of his clients as marketing support for ongoing food campaigns. HE has also done many television tours representing client products on local and national news and food shows.

Chef Jorge also has done over one hundred national presentations on national food networks both radio and television, on shows such as carmines Table, QVC, and NBC ABC FOX & CBS. He has represented many clients such as Superior quality foods, (BTB, Crockery Gourmet), Grandma Jones products, pure gold ghee products, Vic Firth Grinders, Columbus club event facilities, soup bases loaded and Munchies snack shacks.  Chef Jorge has sold more than 250,000 cookbooks and is currently creating a health conscience cookbook based on the alkaline diet and the natural occurrence of Ph Balance in our bodies.

Let Chef Jorge represent your products on television, radio, conventions, special presentations and cookbooks.

“Turning Ideas into reality”
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