History of Chef Jorgé
 P.O. Box 646, Claremont, Ca. 91711 •  phone/text: 951.544.2666  •  jorge@chefjorgebruce .com
                                                   Chef jorge has spent most of his life around food. Even as a young boy his mother regularly
                                                  assigned him to he chore of cooking dinner for their large family. Wanting to exercise his
                                                  creative side chef jorge received his formal training at the epicurean school of culinary arts
                                                  where his innate talent for cooking was refined.

                                                   Chef Jorge also enjoys the business of sales, marketing, and management and has been
                                                  formally educated with degrees and certificates of graduation in advertising, sales,
                                                  marketing media, and management. A true believer in education he is currently studying in
a Masters program to keep informed on our new world market, with all its new IT strategies, which is said to eventually bring us to a knowledge base economy in the near future.

The food promotion and management notion takes the two skills Chef Jorge loves and wraps them into one branded service: “Chef Jorge’s Marketing Management & Culinary Concepts”. In the past 30 years he has been able to generate full marketing and management campaigns with focused branding and targeting with support from cookbooks, television appearances, radio/television advertisements, and internet interfaces to mention a few. In doing so Chef Jorge successfully created a national audience to products and service that where unknown or stagnant at the start.  Now with the advent of social media, some new and exciting options are coming into realization for current client campaigns, and Chef Jorge will continue to be on the cutting edge of modern advertising and management techniques.

Chef Jorge’s goal is to work as one with his clients to reach the ultimate goal of profitability.

“Turning Ideas into reality”
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