Marketing Management
“As a team member, Chef Jorge understands how to work with the needs of his clients in order to reach the ultimate goal of profit.”  
– Joe Vasko, Marketing Director, Vic Firth Gourmet
Turning Ideas into Reality
 P.O. Box 646, Claremont, Ca. 91711 •  phone/text: 951.544.2666  •  jorge@chefjorgebruce .com
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One Team -- One Goal -- One Choice

Chef Jorge Bruce has brought dozens of products to the marketplace. He has teamed with companies such as Superior Products, Vic Firth Gourmet, Grandma Jones, San Marcos Wines, Grimmway Farms, and Soup Bases Loaded to launch their products to current national prominence. Chef Jorge has also created national name brand campaigns for products such as: Better than Bouillon, Crockery Gourmet, Baby Cut Carrot Mini’s, and Vic Firth Grinders, to name a few. These consumer products can now be found in most retail stores throughout the country. Because of his many successes in the food industry, Chef Jorge has the expertise to team with you to bring your product or service to the marketplace successfully.

Chef Jorge also works with clients to showcase their products on national television and radio by introducing or representing their products on shows such as QVC and The Home Shopping Network, along with many regional area stations though out the country. Chef Jorge also consults locally not only for food product promotion, but also in the marketing and management of restaurants, banquet hall facilities, and catering firms.  Working his concept of One Team - One Goal - One Choice to reach the ultimate goal of profit, Chef turns your ideas into profitable reality!

When you need a team player to help develop a product idea, and to take that product or service to the marketplace successfully, look to Chef Jorge for the answer!